Who We Are


There is an unheralded center of the Democratic party that is tired of seeing good Democrats attacked and cast aside for real or imagined minor differences. Good candidates can be shut out of the endorsement process for refusing to take a position they believe is impracticable, but even endorsed candidates don’t get support to help them when they are being attacked.

We are here to endorse candidates who agree with us on the major issues, and who will work for sensible compromise on the rest. We endorse candidates you can count on, who have demonstrated good character and temperament, who understand how government works, and who will work for productive compromise on the rest. But our endorsement is just the beginning.

Instead of offering an endorsement in the form of a check, a letter, and a tweet, Left of Center will be there to defend candidates who are subject to unfair attacks. We will step up as third-party validators, to defend our endorsed candidates in the media, and be able to mount the kind of strong defense candidates are often unprepared to make.

We are running a campaign, and the candidate is democracy. We are building a stronger tent, and standing up for one another instead of trying to tear each other apart over minor disagreements. We are working to unite left of center, stand strong and support one another under the roof of our big tent.


Our Leadership

Mara Dolan

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Mara Dolan’s public service began with her work as a public defender in Lawrence, Massachusetts. She then ran on the state’s first platform to lead on criminal justice reform. Today she is a respected television and radio political commentator and analyst, distinguished by her emphasis on facts, policy, and principled crisis management, with a liberal dollop of creative social media on the side. She has worked at the highest levels of state government for electeds and candidates, using her exceptional media skills to develop strategies across traditional and new media. An avid bicyclist and hiker, she loves Walden Pond. She can’t cook like Deb Kozikowski, but her Yorkshire pudding comes out perfect every time.


Deb Kozikowski

Headshot of Deb Kozikowski

Deb Kozikowski has organized issue based and voter education campaigns in 22 states from Massachusetts to Montana as founder of the national advocacy organization RuralVotes. She managed field operations helping voters in Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia where strict voter ID laws were in place. Elected to the DNC in 1996, Deb is currently ranking vice president of the Association of State Democratic Committees. She provides political commentary to numerous major media outlets including the New York Times, Boston Globe and Washington Post. She regularly cooks picture perfect meals and won a national recipe contest for her Spicy Blueberry BBQ Sauce.


Sue Thomson

Sue Thomson

Sue Thomson is a dynamic leader with a 19-year track record of positive results. Gifted with exceptional interpersonal and adept management skills, she has a unique understanding of politics, policy, and people. She filled the critical role of MassDems executive director in electing a Democratic governor after 20 years of Republican rule. Among her many accomplishments, Sue was the first woman in Massachusetts history to be elected president of the Massachusetts Electoral College. She was honored with Malden Zonta’s “Women Making a Difference Award”. Sue is a three term elected member of the Democratic National Committee. She grew up in the family restaurant business, and Italian dishes are her specialty.